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Configuration File

The configuration file allows you to change the system time zone and database credentials.  Under normal circumstances, this file should never change.

On a standard SSD install, the file can be located here:

Note: Do NOT delete any of the parameters from the configuration file

The configuration parameters and their meaning are described in the table below.  If any parameters are changed, the SSD Apache instance needs to be restarted before the changes will take effect.

 Parameter      Description
DATABASES The database configuration information.
SECRET_KEY The secret key is used by the DJango application server for certain security functions.  This value is setup during installation of SSD and should not  be modified.
TIME_ZONE Set to your local timezone.  Timezones are listed here (TZ column):
If this is not set, the server timezone will be used by default.
TEMPLATE_DIRS The location of the DJango templates used by the SSD application.