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Installation Guides

If you are having trouble installing SSD or getting it to work, it may be useful to review one of the below installation guides for your distribution of Linux.  These guides have been created from fresh Linux installs and are meant to be generic guides (your individual situation may vary) to getting all of the dependencies installed and the environment prepared.  In general, if you follow these installation guides, you should be ready to run the SSD installer.

If you do not have access to an adequate environment to install/test SSD, you can setup an EC2 micro instance within the Amazon AWS cloud for $0.020 per hour (that's 2 pennies).  Check it out:

Current installation guides (these were all built within Amazon EC2 with the listed AMI, where available):

 Operating System EC2 AMI
 CentOS 6.2 ami-00934969
 openSUSE 12 ami-46f7482f
 Ubuntu Server 12 ami-46f7482f
 RHEL 6.4 ami-a25415cb