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Email Recipients

Adding and removing email recipients is done through the SSD administration interface.  Navigate to the following: Admin -> Email -> Manage Recipients:

Enter email recipients in the field provided and click the add button.  To remove email recipients, click the trashcan icon and to edit email recipients, click the underlined email address.  You will not be able to remove recipients if they are currently bound to any incident or maintenance event.

Once email recipients are added, and if email functionality is enabled, the recipients will appear in the drop down field in the incident/maintenance create/update forms and you may bind them to specific incidents or maintenances.  Once a recipient is bound to an incident or maintenance, they will receive notifications whenever you perform an update (if Broadcast Email is selected).

To enable and configure global email functionality, ensure the appropriate configuration options are set in the SSD Admininistration Console.

Note: To ensure that email is properly delivered from SSD, make sure your local server is running a properly configured Sendmail, Postfix or other email process.  When SSD generates an email message, by default it attempts to send the message locally for delivery.  In most cases, simply installing the appropriate email package on your server is enough (there is typically no additional configuration required).