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Escalation Path

Adding and removing escalation contacts is done through the SSD administration interface.  Escalation contacts allow you to provide additional contact information for your users if they do not receive a response from, for example, your 24x7 response team when an incident is reported.

Navigate to the following: Admin -> Escalation Path -> Manage Escalation Contacts

From this screen, you can add new escalation contacts and details as well as manage the order in which contacts show up on the escalation view.  To move contacts up/down, show/hide contacts, delete or modify contacts, click the appropriate icons.

The escalation user view, which is available to all users, can be seen by clicking the Escalation link in the SSD top nav:

In order to enable the escalation link in the SSD top nav, ensure the appropriate option is set in the SSD Admininistration Console.