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Creating incidents is done through the SSD administration interface.  Navigate to the following: Admin -> Events -> Create Incident:

Enter the start date/time, incident description and services impacted.  If you would like to broadcast an email message to users about the incident, enable the checkbox and select an appropriate email address.  If the incident has already been closed at the time you are creating the event in SSD, enter the end date/time as well and the incident will be created in a closed state.  Once created, the dashboard will immediately be updated.  

There are five options for users or administrators to obtain details on incidents:
  • Click on the incident indicator in the dashboard and then click the Full Details link.
  • Use the search feature in the SSD top nav and click the appropriate link.
  • Click on the appropriate link in the Active Incident Timeline section of the dashboard (If the incident is open) .
  • Click on the "More detail" link in the Admin -> List Open Incidents (if the incident is open).
  • Click the appropriate link in the Summary Status graph.
When logged in as an administrator, incidents may be edited on any incident detail page where the edit icon can be seen, or, if the incident is still open, by editing it within the admin under Admin -> List Open Incidents and clicking the edit icon.