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Release 1.1.2 includes the ability to author the help text in the /report and /create views.  The default help text, if you choose to use it, will no longer be hard coded in the template HTML.

If you are performing a fresh install, then you do not need to take any action as these values are already included in the default install procedure - you may disregard the remainder of this document.

If you are upgrading from a previous release, until you follow this procedure, you will receive errors when attempting to access the /report and /create views.  

  1. Login to the SSD Admin.  From the SSD homepage, select Admin => Login.  If you are already authenticated to SSD as an admin, then select Admin => Application Administration.
  2. Select Configs under Site administration
  3. Click the Add config button in the upper right
    • The Config name should be create_incident_help
    • The Config value should be the text you want displayed in the create incident help box.  This field supports HTML tags
  4. Click the Add config button in the upper right
    1. The Config name should be report_incident_help
    2. The Config value should be the text you want displayed in hte report incident help box.  This field supports HTML tags

The default Config values, if you choose to use them, are included below.  You may copy/paste these into your Config values when following the above procedure, if you wish or you can develop your own text.  You may also change this text at any time.

When submitting a new incident, the following guidelines should be followed: <li>A description must be provided <li>A date and time must be provided (use the date the incident began) <li>At least one service must be selected <li>To broadcast a message about the incident, select the "Broadcast Email" checkbox.

When reporting an incident, please be mindful of the following guidelines:<br><br> <li>Enter your full name and email address in the fields provided. <li>Provide as much information as possible in the <b>Brief Incident Description</b> field. <li>The <b>Brief Incident Description</b> will be sent immediately to the 24x7 oncall engineer. <li>Additional information may be provided about the incident, which will be made available to the 24x7 team. <li>If an incident is confirmed by the oncall engineer, the dashboard will be updated.