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Please note that the SSD schema in release 2.0 is not compatible with previous releases of SSD.  For this reason, you cannot execute the upgrade option in the SSD installer.  Under most circumstances, it is best to drop your SSD database, remove /opt/ssd-* and run the installer contained within the 2.0 release from scratch.

If you absolutely must preserve existing data in your pre-2.0 SSD installation, please contact me or post a message to the SSD Google group.

Release 2.0 contains the following upgrades/improvements
  • Mobile optimized templates, utilizing the foundation responsive framework, are now included for all pages by default.  This means that all pages will render properly on mobile, tablet and desktop browsers.
  • Custom administration interfaces have been built that provide the ability to manage services, recipient email addresses, escalation contacts and numerous SSD configuration options.  The default DJango administration site is now only used to manage user accounts.
  • Administrators now have the ability to schedule system maintenance with SSD, which appears as a blue circle in the dashboard view.
  • All SSD configuration tasks are now performed through a web based configuration manager within the SSD admin - it is no longer necessary to edit configuration files to change SSD functionality.
  • The SSD installer has been improved to automatically detect most install/upgrade parameters.
  • SSD can now be integrated with Active Directory for authentication.