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Please note that the SSD schema in release 2.1 is not compatible with previous releases of SSD.  For this reason, you cannot execute the upgrade option in the SSD installer.  Under most circumstances, it is best to drop your SSD database, remove /opt/ssd-* and run the installer contained within the 2.1 release from scratch.

If you absolutely must preserve existing data in your pre-2.1 SSD installation, please contact me or post a message to the SSD Google group.

Release 2.1 contains the following upgrades/improvements
  • Memcached support has been added
  • DJango 1.6 support has been added
  • Search features have been improved
  • Incident/maintenance timelines have been added to provide quick access to incident/maintenance status and updates
  • An event graph has been added to the homepage which provides back/forward looking event counts
  • Services and email addresses can now be edited w/o deleting/re-adding them
  • Most page templates (including mobile) have been re-written/refreshed
  • The administration interface and options have been rebuilt/improved